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2019/06/07 Changelog


  • Teams (starter plan): Allow organizations to handle teams and collaborators to better define permissions on sites.
  • Conditional for template fields (alpha) : Choose to conditionally render a field based on the value of a sibling field. Currently only works with two field types: Bool or Select field.
  • Page Select : Alphabetically sort Documents in the “Page Select” dropdown.

Bug fixes

  • Menus: Fixed an issue where you couldn’t turn update a menu-item to an internal link from an external link.
  • Media: Fixed a button where the delete media button was hidden in Safari.
  • Media: Fixed an issue where changing the media provider in the settings would be reset after clicking on the page.
  • Dates: Fixed an issue where dates in some formats would show up as [Object, object] after saving a document.
  • Page Select : When you change the section in the page-select configuration, the list of pages now updates.

Last updated on June 7, 2019