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Forestry allows you to add a Remote Administration page to your site, so that users can access and manage the site without leaving your domain.

This is great for large businesses or white-label solutions where you don’t want your users accessing the CMS through the Forestry website.

Setting Up The Remote Admin

To set up the Remote Admin, go to the Settings page for your site, found under “Site” in the sidebar of your CMS.

Select the General tab, and find the Project Paths option. From here you provide the path you want users to go to in order to access the CMS under ADMIN PATH.

We recommend using /admin.

Deploying the Remote Admin

Before you can deploy the Remote Admin, you must set up deployment via the Hosting​ tab in your site’s Settings​. See the Setting Up Deployment doc for more info.

Once Hosting is enabled, you can deploy the Remote Admin to your site by clicking the Deploy Admin​ button.

Then you can access the admin from your hosted site at the path your specified.

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