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How to Migrate a Site to a Different Repo or Git Provider

If you consider switching to a different provider or there is an issue with your current import of your repository in Forestry, you might consider deleting your current import of your repository and importing it as a new site.

Every time you make a change to your settings Forestry immediately commits those changes to your .forestry folder in the repository. This ensures that your settings persists through different imports of the same site.

It also means that you can create a theme, boilerplate or other starter with preconfigured .forestry settings.

Most settings can be migrated without additional effort.

This includes:

  • Front Matter Templates
  • General (excl. logo, site name, url and timezone)
  • Sidebar Configuration
  • Media path settings
  • Previews Settings

There are only a couple exceptions to this rule:

  • External Media Providers credentials
  • Invited collaborators
  • Collaborators will need to be re-invited to the new site.

The above rule also applies when you fork a branch to reimport a new branch in Forestry.

Importing your existing repo as a new site will automatically connect your remote admin to the new site and remove the connection from the old site.

Last updated on January 15, 2019